Current Provisions for Visa Holders Onshore

The current travel restrictions as a result of Coronavirus also affect visa and migration matters for all applicants and visa holders.  Following is a summary of the options currently available.

Temporary visa holders

If your visa is nearing expiry date, you must apply for another visa BEFORE the expiry date.  No “EXTENSION” is available in the Australian visa system for any of the subclasses of visas.

Bridging visa holders

Bridging visa A generally has no expiry date.

If you are holding Bridging visa B that does have an expiry date, your Bridging visa will revert to Bridging Visa A after the expiry of BVB.

Other Considerations

If your visa application is decided and it is refused, unless you hold a substantive visa, you are not allowed to make an application for a new visa.  You may apply for a Review from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal so that your Bridging visa can continue until travel restrictions are removed and you are able to leave.

If you are holding a visa that is nearing expiry date and it has a “no further stay” condition attached to it, you must apply to remove the no further stay condition to be removed BEFORE expiry of your visa by emailing the Department of Immigration.  Once that is approved, you may apply for a new visa so that you are granted a Bridging Visa to remain in Australia lawfully.

Do not allow your visa to expire without taking one of the above steps.  If you remain in Australia after midnight of your visa expiry date, you will become unlawful and will not be able to obtain a visa for 3 years or more.