We are litigators.

It's what we do, what we're great at, what we love doing.

It's also usually the very last option we give our clients.

When parties are in dispute, whether in business or through personal relationships, going to court may seem like a logical step, however litigation is not only expense in terms of the financial cost, it can take a toll emotionally as well.

Our legal team take their time to not only understand your grievances, but to also determine what the best outcome for the client can be. We provide frank, fearless advice about your options, the costs, and the court processes, making sure that the client understands their position, and their power, at every step of the way.

Negotiating settlements and compromises are just part of that service; saving the client time and money is as significant consideration for our legal team.

In court, our results speak for themselves: in 2017, our success rate in court was 92%, across local, Magistrate, Supreme and Federal courts.

In 2018, we're at 100%. That's not a typo.

With lawyers and barristers on the roster, we're the Vikings of the litigation world. Sometimes you'll need our shields, sometimes you'll need our axes, but they're both always at the ready to protect and to promote your rights and your interests.

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