Opening of Johannessen Legal Melbourne

It is with great pride, humility and gratitude that today, Wednesday 5 September, we announce the official opening of Johannessen Legal Melbourne.

This Firm would not exist without our Principal and Founder, Jaleh Johannessen. An accomplished professional long before joining the Law, Jaleh brought an incredible breadth and depth of experience to the Firm she established. From the halls of the United Nations building in New York, to Refugee camps across the Middle East, environmental protection summits across Europe, and an endless amount of experience as a Journalist, Diplomat and mediator, Jaleh came into the Profession with a level of compassion, empathy and understanding of the human condition, and the value of commitment to one’s clients.

The growth of our Firm is due entirely to the tone and standard Jaleh has set.

Our motto is “Trust Is Earned”. That motto, that principle, was set the moment our doors opened over 12 years ago. We are as committed to that motto today as we were on day 1.

We often refer to our representation of our clients as being akin to our ancestors in Norway; we carry both shields and axes, because at times we are required to defend, at times we are required to attack, and we are always prepared to do both. Today we bring our shields and our axes to Melbourne.

Our services in Melbourne:

We practice in every Court in the land, from Magistrate’s to Supreme, Federal to High Court of Australia.
Human Rights
The Law is our passion and our purpose. We represent NFPs and communities globally, fighting for justice.
Business and Corporate Law
Whether you’re starting your first business, or engaging in large acquisitions and mergers, we can help.
Immigration Law
With a 98% success rate, our experts have proven experience to get you and your investment where you need to be.
Criminal Law
From DUIs to possession to Federal charges, our team is relentless in their defence of your case.
Wills and Estate
Securing the longevity of you and your family’s assets and wealth are just a small part of what we offer.

It’s a pleasure to be here.